Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover Installation and Care Instructions

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a proper tight fit for your Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers are designed to fit tightly on your steering wheel. The lacing holes are reinforced to resist tearing so you can pull very tightly on the cord while lacing. You may want to wear a glove or place tape or a band-aid on your finger for protection during installation.Installation Figure 1

1) Stretch and properly position the steering wheel cover on the steering wheel with the sewn seam at the bottom of the steering wheel (FIG #1)

2) Unwind the entire spool of lacing cord, stretch it out to remove any knots or curls, and thread the lacing needle.

3) Begin lacing at any point of the steering wheel which is NOT at the sewn seam or at a spoke of the steering wheel (FIG #1)



Installation Figure 1TO START: (FIG #2)
Insert the needle between the edges of the cover and out through a front hole. Pull all but about 6 inches of the lacing out through this hole. Leave this 6 inches of the lacing out through this hole. Leave this 6 inches of lacing to tie at the finish. Then insert the needle through the rear hole directly behind the starting front hole and diagonally through to the next front hole to the left. Pull the stitch tight and continue lacing in this manner. Pull each stitch tights as you lace to lock the edges of the steering wheel cover together. You cannot tighten more than one stitch at a time. Remember: TIGHT IS RIGHT


Installation Figure 14) SPOKES: (FIG #3)
The lacing holes on your steering wheel cover have been matched so that there is an identical number on each side. you should use every lacing hole. However, if the spokes of the steering wheel are wider than 2 inches, you may want to skip the front and rear lacing holes at the spoke, OR you might want to lace only the front holes at the spoke with "Dummy" stitches. This will fill the front holes at the spoke, and help to hold down the cover over the spoke. Just remember that for every front "Dummy" stitch that you make, you must skip a rear hole at the spoke. Then when you have completed the last "Dummy" stitch over the spoke and have skipped the same number of rear holes, you can again resume normal stitching once you have gone past the spoke.


Installation Figure 15) TIE: (FIG#4)
After you have completed lacing around the wheel, insert the needle through the last rear hole and up between the edges of the cover. The two ends of the lacing cord should both be now sticking out of the cover at this position. Tie a tight double knot, clip off the excess lacing cord and then tuck the knot out of the way between the edges of the cover.

CARE for your Wheelskins Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover by removing and soil buildup with only mild hand soap and a soft sponge or paper towel. Avoid using strong all purpose cleaners or protectants, as they will remove the special coatings and finishes that have been applied to this leather to ensure long life. Also, some perfumes, colognes, and aftershave lotions contain alcohol and other chemicals which may harm the finish. You may want to be sure that your hands are free of these substances before driving.